"Wine Down" Wednesdays, Limited Time
Wine Down

With all the pre-orders and special allotments of new wines coming this spring and summer, we want to make room in the cellar. So we are going to be clearing out some space, and want to pass the good fortune onto our diners. What a better way to unwind during the work week, then with discounted bottles of wine, some up to 1/2 off. We will feature a special menu of bottles on Wednesdays with new prices for our clients to enjoy. These items are in limited quantity so it’s only as long as supplies last.

The Plate Collective Dinner @ c.1880, Monday, March 23rd, 6:00p

Cocktail hour starts at 6 with a punch and a take away cup made by Kate. The four course dinner with wine pairing stars at 7pm.
The chefs and restaurants involed are:
Thomas Hauck – c.1880
Justin Carlisle – Ardent
Thi Cao – National Nights
Nell Benton – The National

Tickets are $105.60 each which includes tax and tip. We hope to see you there!
To buy tickets please visit, http://bit.ly/1z6OC9p

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